Whats is an Environment?

Our Environments come in 12 different genres and are complete, mixed tracks created with fully functioning instruments, Drum Racks™, FX chains, channel strips and MIDI using only Ableton Live™ native plug-ins.

Each Environment is modular, so you can work inside it by deconstructing and reconstructing a new track, or you can drag and drop any elements you need to your own projects.

Check out the walkthrough videos on each Environment page to learn more.

Which version of Ableton Live™ do I need to use the Environments?

Every 36db Environment will work in Ableton Live Suite™ 10 and above. We utilize all of Ableton's instruments and effects, including Max for Live plug-ins, which are only available in the Ableton Live Suite™ addition.

You will also need to install all the Additional Core Libraries that come with Ableton Live Suite™.

Do I need any hardware to use the Environment?

No. All the synth sounds are included. Just open the Environment, save to your user library and you’re good to go. 

Install Guide

If you need help with installing our products, here is a video guide on how to install your Environment or Element to your Ableton™ User Library.

Install Guide Video

Are 36db Environments royalty free?

Absolutely. The short answer is that the Environments are licensed to you for use in your original compositions with no royalties due to 36db ever. 

But please remember you can’t sell or lend the Environment itself or the individual presets, sounds or samples. The User Agreement is just for you. For a more in-depth explanation click here.

Can I use the Environments for my own music productions and releases?

Yes - that’s what they’re designed for! 

How can I keep up to date with news, releases and special offers?

Just join our mailing list on the home page to keep up with news and updates here at 36db.

I have some other questions relating to the Environments.

Just email us with any questions you may have and we’ll get straight back to you. Info@36db.live