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Creating cool ideas can sometimes be a challenge!  Finding new sources of inspiration can be a brilliant catalyst when you’re writing music.

We developed our 36db Arpeggi8 MIDI Tools to give you a new take on your ideas. Arpeggi8 is a collection of unique arpeggios, MIDI tools and complex modulation ideas that will give you endless new and fresh musical melodies to explore.

This Elements bundle comes with 3 example tracks. Octave Scale Shifter, ARP Layers and Arpeggi8, and includes multiple preset snapshots for each device, allowing you to explore the unique possibilities at your fingertips.

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    1 X Custom Jupiter Harp Sound

    1 X ARP Layers Midi Rack

    1 X Arpeggi8 Midi Rack

    1 X Octave Scale Shifter Midi Rack

    1 X Grain Echo Delay LFO

    5 X Project Sessions

    2 x Custom Max4live Devices

    15 X Midi Patterns

    60 X Preset Snapshots

    16 X Macro Mapping for Devices

    4 X Custom Return Effects Racks

    Complex Modulation mapping

    Deep Routing & MIDI Recording

    What to know

    Take a listen to Arpeggi8 and then check out the walkthrough video for a full demonstration of what’s inside.

    Learn how to make complex arpeggios and sequences from very simple melodic ideas. 

    Learn new ways to create complex polyrhythmic sequences with just one note or chord.

    Transform your sounds into complex and random melodies using Max for Live devices.

    Learn how to sculpt 3D soundscapes using our effects.

    Learn how the pro’s use effects racks to develop sequences.

    Explore a collection of amazing presets for each device, and create endless variations of melodies, sounds and effects with just a few clicks.

    All this using Ableton Live™ native plug-ins, synths, and samplers.

    And most importantly, hear how all of this elevates your own music.

    What you need:

    Ableton Live Suite™ 11 or higher (Mac / PC).

    Intel i5 6 Core Processor Mac or PC Minimum Requirements.