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Creating unmistakable and quirky drums is a science within itself. Adding some spice to your tracks is exactly why we created the Super Modular Drum Machine.

This third Elements release not only contains unique analogue drum and percussion samples from our Modular Synth, but also four exclusive 36db Drum Rack™ Kits, each with a unique flavour for creating glitchy drums and patterns. The 36db Glitchtastic and Warp & Stutter Effects Racks will send your ideas to new realms of sonic goodness we know you’ll find essential!

If you like the production style of Jon Hopkins, DJ Koze, James Holden, Flume, J Dilla and Aphex Twin then this selection of Drum Rack™ kits is for you.

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    4 x Super Modular Drum Machine Kits

    3 X custom Glitch effects racks

    16 x MIDI Drum Patterns

    56 x Drum & Effects Preset

    2 x Custom Max for Live MIDI effects racks

    160 x custom analogue synth Drum & Percussion samples

    Deep routing and MIDI mapping of Devices

    Hands on MIDI control for live performance

    What to know

    Take a listen to the Elements audio example above, then check out the walkthrough video for a full demonstration of what’s inside.

    This section of unique Drum Rack™ tools will give you instant wonky and glitchy drums. Create off the grid patterns that will transform your tracks into unmistakable productions.

    Learn how to manipulate your drum sounds and patterns using state of the art effects, processing and deep mapping for the ultimate control and performance tools.

    All this using Ableton Live native plug-ins, synths and samplers.

    What you need:

    Ableton Live Suite™ 11.2 or higher (Mac / PC).