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The advanced Live 11 Peak Time Techno Environment is a one stop solution to making every aspect of a Techno track imaginable. Building on our first generation Environments, the advanced Live 11 versions come laden with presets that are all mapped to Live 11’s new 16 macros for all Instrument & Effects Racks, meaning even more sounds at your control and faster results. Perfect for the beginner and advanced producer, this Live 11 Environment comes with a template arrangement that you can deconstruct and reform in infinite ways.

The unlimited versatility within the Environment enables you to save presets to your existing ones or you can add your own drum samples to the bespoke Drum Racks™ taking full advantage of the processing. The modular design of all 36db products let you drag and drop and mix and match seamlessly between any session you’re working on, making this the ultimate production and remix tool. 

And if that’s not enough, the Live 11 Peak Time Techno Environment is PUSH 3 ready, giving you the added power to perform live in the studio, a hybrid DJ gig or even as part of a live show!

Check out the features in the table below and check out the Walkthrough Video for more in depth info.

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You will need Ableton Live Suite™ 11.3.4 or higher (Mac / PC) to use the Live 11 Environments. They will not work in Live 10.

Live 10 version requires 10.1.43 (Mac / PC).



NEW! Push 3 Ready

NEW! 170 Custom Instrument and Effects Presets

NEW! 16 Macros for All Instruments and Effect Racks

3 x Live sets. Full Environment, Drum Rack™ with Patterns, and individual Drum tracks.

70 x Custom Instrument Rack Presets

80x Custom Effects Racks Presets

10 x Custom MIDI Rack Presets

10x Custom Processing Presets

1 x Custom Drum Rack™ featuring 16 custom drum sounds & percussive

Drums as individual tracks with MIDI

  • 7 x Custom synth using Ableton’s Analog™, Sampler™ and Operator™

34 x MIDI Clips

1 x MIDI Effects Rack

48 x Custom EFX Samples

6 x Custom Effects Racks

3 x Return Channels

1 x Custom Drum Channel Strip With Presets

1 x Master Channel Strip


3 LIVE SETS (Full Environment, Individual Drum Channels, Drum Patterns)

1 Drum Rack Featuring 16 custom samples

34 Midi Clips (Drums and Music)

7 Custom Instrument Racks

48 EFX Samples

6 Uniquely Designed FX Racks

3 Return Channel FX Racks

1 Custom Master Channel Strip

1 Drum Rack Channel Strip

Focus On The Music

When trying to tap into your creative side, it can be tough to find the perfect mix of sounds. That's where 36db's Environments comes in. With our top-of-the-line instruments and effects racks, you can focus on the music and let your creative ideas flow freely.

Intuitive Controls

We have meticulously mapped the 36db macros to ensure maximum control and a hands-on experience with every Instrument & Effects Rack. This allows your musical ideas to come to life quickly, helping you maintain the desired vibe.

Stunning Effects

Discover the unparalleled style and texture of each 36db Effects Rack, elevating your sounds and bringing your tracks to life. Each Effects Rack includes 10 presets to enhance your sounds.

What to know

Every Live 11 Environment now comes with added presets for every Instrument or Effects Rack.

The Peak Time Techno Environment includes 170 custom made presets, and each Instrument and Effects Rack also includes 16 macros mapped for you to tweak and customize each sound or effects preset.

These additional features greatly expand our Environments and gives you instant variations and styles for you to explore.

This Environment will transform the way you make music by showing you production techniques used by the pros. 

You can deconstruct the synths, MIDI and processing to then reconstruct your own unique track. Learn how to process your drums so they’re rocking. Manipulate your synth sounds, compose memorable and unique synth hooks, and mostly importantly mix them together into a professional sounding track.

All this using only Ableton Live™ native instruments and FX.