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Explore complex drum breaks, frenetic basslines and intricate samples with our Breakbeat Environment. Play and create with the sounds, effects and production techniques used by the leading producers. This Environment is created with expertly crafted, fully functioning instruments, Drum Racks™, FX chains, channel strips, and MIDI using only Ableton Live™ native plug-ins. 36db is truly modular. You can work solely inside the Environment or use any element individually. Simply drag and drop the tools you want into your session.

If you like the production style of Special Request, Franky Wah, Forge, Ondamike, Subx, Framewerk and Dusky then this Environment is for you.

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    3 X LIVE SETS (Full Environment, Individual Drum Channels, Drum Patterns)

    1 x Drum Rack Featuring 16 custom samples

    32 x Midi Clips (Drums and Music)

    2 x Bass Sounds

    2 x Synth Sounds 

    1 x Vox Sample

    14 x EFX Samples

    7 x Uniquely Designed FX chains

    3 x Return Channel FX Chains

    1 x Custom Master Channel Strip

    1 x Drum Rack Channel Strip

    What to know

    Take a listen to the Environment and then check out the walkthrough video for a full demonstration of what’s inside. Watch how to deconstruct the synths, MIDI and processing to then reconstruct your own unique track.Learn the art of arrangement and how to turn a basic groove into a full-on club rocker. Deconstruct the sample elements and discover how to evolve a hook over the duration of the track.

    See how to manipulate and process sounds into constantly evolving, dynamic and memorable hooks. Watch how EQ is used to sculpt and balance individual instruments while taking your mixing skills to the next level. Drastically improve your mixing skills with 36db’s unique processing. All this using Ableton Live™ native plug-ins, synths and samplers.

    What you need:

    Ableton Live Suite™ 10.1 or higher (Mac / PC).