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The Deluxe Edition features 2 Environments and 1 Element that have been meticulously designed and crafted by Rodriguez Jr. and that will work seamlessly with Push 3.

36db makes music creation easy. Our Environments are custom made musical building blocks, ready to be deconstructed and reformed in any way your creativity takes you.

You don’t need any extra software: 36db only uses Ableton plug-ins, providing a complete studio environment with state-of-the-art sounds, instruments, samples, drum racks, effects and presets.

The instruments are sampled over 5 octaves and feature the Moog Sub 37, Granular Pad, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland TR808, TR909, and Rodriguez Jr.’s own custom samples.

The Rodriguez Jr Chord Maker Element creates chords from just one note. There are 15 presets, each containing 12 chords (180 chords in total).

36db gives you complete flexibility: mix and match musical parts across the Deluxe Edition, other 36db products and any Ableton session.

Check out the Walkthrough and demo videos for in-depth information.

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System requirments:

You will need Ableton Live Suite™ 11.3.4 or higher (Mac / PC) to use this product.


Includes 2 Full Environments

Rodriguez Jr. Feathers & Bones Environment

Rodriguez Jr. Entropy Environment

Individual Drum Tracks

18 Drum Patterns

2 Drum Racks Featuring 32 Custom Drum & Percussion Samples

3 Percussion Loops

19 Instruments

160 Instrument Rack Presets

13 Custom Effects Racks

6 Custom Return Effects Racks

170 Effects Rack Presets

2 Custom Drum Rack Channel strips

2 Custom Master Channel Strips

1 EFX Sample

4 Custom Multi-Sampled Hardware Synth Instruments

1 Exclusive Rodriguez Jr. Element - The Chord Maker

15 Chord Maker Presets Containing 12 Chords Variations Per Preset (180 Total)